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Finding Peace In The Storm

I have been struggling with my life quite a bit lately; constantly asking myself “Why am I not doing what I want to do?”, “Why am I not in the place I want to be with my spirit and my … Continue reading

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Open The Door And Let In The Light

Open the door and let in the light. For the past few months, this phrase has been running through my head. In moments when the static of everyday life quiets, Open the door and let in the light. At night, … Continue reading

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Matthew 7:1

I grew up in a family where, whenever I would be upset or cry over something, I was told “Oh stop it.  There’s worse in the world than you.”  I’m sure it was meant to toughen me up, make me … Continue reading

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

Yesterday was the six month anniversary of my step-son’s death.  My husband said nothing about it and neither did I.  I thought, perhaps, he didn’t want to talk about it. Matthew’s death has been numbing for all of us.  I … Continue reading

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On Saturday I had a double massage session.  Two hours of sheer bliss.  My body must have know subconsiously that I would be needing extra strenght and stamina in the days to come. As I lay on the table, I … Continue reading

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The Money Shot

Mother Nature sure has been putting on a show lately.  Everywhere I look, on Facebook, on local news shows, on Instagram, I see these incredible photos of the sky.  Last night though, she really outdid herself.  She put on such a … Continue reading

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The Promise of Life

I promise You will have the chance, the opportunity, to see beauty and wonder all around you. Always. Yes, there will be darkness and ugliness and despair. I cannot change that. But if you are still and allow it, I … Continue reading

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