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Burn Notice

When I was a very little girl, the house behind us burned to the ground. I remember standing at my bedroom window hypnotized by the flames. The sirens, the yelling the sounds of things crashing down, disturbing the peace of … Continue reading

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There’s Always Good

We are doing a lot of  landscaping and hardscaping this year.  We plan to make our own outdoor retreat with a terraced bank and a waterfall.  So we had to take down a number of trees that were too close … Continue reading

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After Hours

It’s late. I kiss you good night and tell you I love you. Sleep well.  I’ll see you tomorrow. I close the door softly behind me. I stop at the desk and say goodnight to the night crew. One of … Continue reading

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Making God Laugh

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Woody Allen That’s one of my favorite quotes. Always has been. You never know how true it is though until it happens to you. A week ago Saturday, my … Continue reading

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The Duffle

At the end of last year, a creative group I belong to sponsored a short story competition. It had to be fiction and there was a limit of 2,500 words.  It was quite a challenge, particularly the word limit.  I … Continue reading

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