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Meeting Betty White

I’m travling with my husband right now.  We are in Phoenix at a conference.  The best thing about this conference is they always have something interesting at their events.  Last night they had  reptile rescue group.  I had the chance … Continue reading

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It’s Your Thing

I grew up in a time when our mantra was “Do your own thing”.   We all believed we had the right to live our lives whatever way we wanted.  Ironically, though we lived our lives differently than our parents, … Continue reading

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Commuter Therapy

Last week was a particularly crappy commuting week: stalled train with 2 hour delay,  rain slick roads with multiple accidents, slippery-rail slowdowns, and tons of leaf-peepers with luggage.  By the time Friday evening rolled around, everyone was cranky city. The … Continue reading

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Where do they come from, these tears. This sorrow that wraps itself around me like a leaden shroud, a toxic lover. I have done nothing to call you. You come, unbidden, from the darkness of the well. You crack my … Continue reading

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Piggy’s Night Out

Piggy went for a walk one eve around the neighborhood. And what should he spy in the clearing there but campers in the wood. Their tents were shut, the fire out “They’re fast asleep”, he thought. “I think I’ll creep … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Every weekday, I get a surprise.  Now for most people, that would sound like a great thing.  But my surprise is always my commute.  See I travel 150+ miles a day roundtrip;  some of it by car, some by train, … Continue reading

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