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Heart and Hands

Today is three weeks since I let Gilligan go home.  Most of the time, I’m able to push it out of my mind.  Until I look at my hands. The last month of his life, I had my hands in … Continue reading

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Days of Gold

Whenever people ask me about my commute and I tell them it is generally two and a half hours one way, the usual response is “You must really love where you live.”  And I do.  I love my little piece … Continue reading

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Silly Girl

You make me laugh, Silly Girl. When my heart is numb and my eyes burn with dried tears, you come to me full of joy. You grab my hand and say “Let’s play!” Do you ever know sadness? Or is … Continue reading

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So This Is Christmas

I’m having a hard time with Christmas this year.  No need to go into all the reasons.  Suffice to say, it’s been a crappy year all around.  I see people getting all giggly and hopped up on “Holly Jolly Christmas” … Continue reading

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Matthew 7:1

I grew up in a family where, whenever I would be upset or cry over something, I was told “Oh stop it.  There’s worse in the world than you.”  I’m sure it was meant to toughen me up, make me … Continue reading

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