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Christmas Magic

We are doing minimal holiday decorating this year: a wreath on the front door, evergreen balls hanging on the front porch and gate arbor and a small, table top tree.  We may pop a few more tings here and there … Continue reading

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So This Is Christmas

I’m having a hard time with Christmas this year.  No need to go into all the reasons.  Suffice to say, it’s been a crappy year all around.  I see people getting all giggly and hopped up on “Holly Jolly Christmas” … Continue reading

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The Armadillo’s Gift: A Christmas Fable

It was Christmas Eve and the Texas sun was dropping low in the sky. Rollie the armadillo was headed back to his burrow after long day of digging for grubs. He was tired and almost home when suddenly a man … Continue reading

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Golden Girl

I guess it’s true that there is always something good to offset the bad in our lives. We spent most of the day yesterday visiting my husband’s son in the hospital. This round of chemo is really knocking the crap … Continue reading

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