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Bad To The Bone

I love jewelry.  My husband says it’s an addiction.  The first Christmas gift I can remember asking for as a child was a turquoise and silver ring.  I do love jewelry.  And I have my  collection of sparkly stuff.  But … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut

I’ve been trying to do more walking lately.  I spend too many hours on my butt staring at a computer screen.  The only way for me to fit it into my day is to walk from Grand Central to my … Continue reading

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A Horse Is A Horse

It was such a beautiful day today, I thought I would walk from Grand Central to my office. And truthfully, my pants are getting too tight so I figured the exercise wouldn’t hurt.  I walked along Fifth Avenue and turned … Continue reading

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What You Gonna Do In Those Shoes?

Friday was my cousin’s wedding.  She’s my age and it was her second marriage.  I don’t get as worked up about weddings as I used to.  When I was young, a wedding was a big deal.  You spent weeks looking … Continue reading

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Anger Eddies

Today I am stuck in the “anger eddies”.  That’s the place where you feel angry and frustrated and annoyed for no particular reason at all.  I’m being pushed and bumped and swirled around and around.  I need to fight my … Continue reading

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The Money Shot

Mother Nature sure has been putting on a show lately.  Everywhere I look, on Facebook, on local news shows, on Instagram, I see these incredible photos of the sky.  Last night though, she really outdid herself.  She put on such a … Continue reading

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