The Money Shot

Mother Nature sure has been putting on a show lately.  Everywhere I look, on Facebook, on local news shows, on Instagram, I see these incredible photos of the sky.  Last night though, she really outdid herself.  She put on such a display that even the jaded, zombied-out commuters on my train stopped and took note.  That’s quite an accomplishment.  Usually they are on a straight-line trajectory from the train platform to their parked cars.  And they never seem to be interested in anything that doesn’t have a power supply or a rechargeable battery.   But last night, even if just for a quick glance, almost everyone disembarking the train looked up.  I, of course, stood behind my car taking photos with my smartphone and I was gratified when a fellow in a late model BMW stopped on his way out of the lot.

“I see you are taking pictures.”


“That’s some spectacular sky, isn’t it?”

“It sure is.”


Nice to know we are not all soulless automatons.


 image image image image image


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