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The Compassionate Way

I am not a saint, not a hero. I do not walk the shining path. I stumble in the woods running from the pain of others. Suffering is a monstrous thing with a fearful, bloody visage. But deep within me … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Life, God, The Universe, whoever – sure has a great way of keeping you off-guard. “What is the lesson here, Grasshopper?” Is it to always be prepared for everything? Is it to “go with the flow”? It it to throw … Continue reading

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Place Your Bets

The trains are running back on schedule today.  The remains of the crash have been removed.  It will take a year before the final report is complete.  We need to know the why, the how, the how-do-we-prevent-it.  We need to … Continue reading

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When The Mundane Becomes The Horrific

For ten years, five days a week, I have commuted from Western Connecticut to New York City.  It is a long commute, two and a half hours one way.  Of those two and a half hours, an hour and fifteen minutes … Continue reading

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