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Angry Bones

I have a secret. I have anger in my bones. Deep in the marrow, Hot, burning grains that grind and crunch with every move. And in the darkest chamber of my heart, it pulses with a sickly, green glow. I … Continue reading

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The Screaming Woman

I have a sick dog right now.  He seems to be doing better on medication but I am having a hard time letting myself be hopeful.  This feels like one more body blow from life that I can’t take right … Continue reading

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Where do they come from, these tears. This sorrow that wraps itself around me like a leaden shroud, a toxic lover. I have done nothing to call you. You come, unbidden, from the darkness of the well. You crack my … Continue reading

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Kind eyes. Gentle eyes. Sadness buried deep within. An Alchemist of Laughter turning stones of sorrow into bright bubbles of joy. You danced a mad cha cha with the dark angles. Until at last you fell, exhausted into their embrace. And … Continue reading

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