Commuter Therapy

Last week was a particularly crappy commuting week: stalled train with 2 hour delay,  rain slick roads with multiple accidents, slippery-rail slowdowns, and tons of leaf-peepers with luggage.  By the time Friday evening rolled around, everyone was cranky city. The 6:04 has been excessively crowded lately and for some insane reason (known only to the powers at the MTA) they’ve been running a short train.  So when I boarded it Friday night, I was prepared for a miserable trip to my station.  I squeezed into a four-seater and pulled out my IPad and head phones and got ready to go to my happy place. Something in the six-seater opposite me caught my attention.  There was a dog spread out on the seat.  A sweet little mutt with big brown eyes and a wagging tail.  She laid there quietly as the car filled up and when the young couple she was with realized the seat was needed, they pulled her over next to them.  But nobody semed to mind that she was taking up prime real estate.  People who would normally keep to themselves began asking questions about her and telling about their own dogs.  Everyone wanted to scratch her ears.  She got down on the floor and began going from person to person, giving a lick and a wag and getting pets and “What a good girl” from each one.  People on this crowded, end-of-the-work-week train, people who normally look like they ate kittens for lunch, were smiling and chatting and visibly relaxing.  The ride actually became pleasant.

So MTA, here’s an idea for you – how about commuter therapy dogs.  I guarantee you will have much happier passengers and the dogs work for cookies.

A Welcome Passenger

A Welcome Passenger

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