Meeting Betty White

I’m travling with my husband right now.  We are in Phoenix at a conference.  The best thing about this conference is they always have something interesting at their events.  Last night they had  reptile rescue group.  I had the chance to have my photo taken with Betty White.  Betty White is a snake.  For my rocker friends , I should have said I had my picture taken with White Snake.    Same thing. Point is, a few years ago, I would never have done this.   My husband says I look like I’m cuddling a kitten.

I also took a picture with a boa constrictor.  The photographer said I looked so relaxed, so natural.  I told him I think I was an exotic dancer in a past life.

And I petted a water monitor which is a relative of the Komodo Dragon.

This being sixty stuff is way cool.

Betty White

Betty White


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