Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Every weekday, I get a surprise.  Now for most people, that would sound like a great thing.  But my surprise is always my commute.  See I travel 150+ miles a day roundtrip;  some of it by car, some by train, some by subway and some by walking.  So there are lots of places for the whole thing to get f**ked up.  On occasion, I get a day when everything clicks – no traffic, the train is on time, no delays on the subway – but those are rare indeed.

Today, it rained.  That is always a bad sign.  Apparently, most people do not know how to drive in the rain.  Especially on oily, leaf covered roads.  It’s like bumper cars without the rubber bumpers.  I’m finally getting close to my destination after two and a half hours of traveling.

Here for your entertainment is a brief look at part of my trip.  Enjoy.

Note:  I took this video when we were at a dead stop.  I pointed and pressed start.  When we began moving, I shut off the phone.  My eyes never left the road.  And by the way, I just got to the office – a new record, drum roll please – 3 hours.

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