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And The Angels Smiled

In a crowd, you stood alone amid a swirling cloud of loss and emptiness. I saw in your eyes the same weary sadness that haunts my sleepless nights. Your shoulders pressed down under the weight of endless grief. My heart … Continue reading

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Do The Right Thing

Yesterday, we drove to Long Island.  Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we go to place Christmas blankets on my husband’s parents’ grave.  This year, we placed one on his son’s grave too.  It was a strange day, solemn … Continue reading

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Back on Track

Yesterday was my first day back at work since losing Matt. The funeral was Friday. I thought we would have the long Memorial Day weekend to ease back into the real world but our boat sold and we had only these … Continue reading

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Burn Notice

When I was a very little girl, the house behind us burned to the ground. I remember standing at my bedroom window hypnotized by the flames. The sirens, the yelling the sounds of things crashing down, disturbing the peace of … Continue reading

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Making God Laugh

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Woody Allen That’s one of my favorite quotes. Always has been. You never know how true it is though until it happens to you. A week ago Saturday, my … Continue reading

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Letting Go

How hard that is, the letting go. I want to hold on forever. I reach, I close my fist, but there is only smoke between my fingers. Mine. Such a foolish word. Everything is pulled from our grasp eventually. The … Continue reading

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