And The Angels Smiled

In a crowd, you stood alone
amid a swirling cloud of loss and emptiness.

I saw in your eyes
the same weary sadness
that haunts my sleepless nights.
Your shoulders pressed down
under the weight of endless grief.

My heart heard your silent cry
and would not let me stand by

I too know the moonscape jungle of being left behind
with no warning or explanation.
The freezing wilderness of “Why?” and “What do I do Now?”

I have no answers for you.
The dark and furtive creatures
of anger and pain
still gnaw on my bones
in unguarded moments.

But when I opened my arms to you
as a sister in sorrow
and you returned my guileless embrace
with an innocent heart
an explosion of healing love
engulfed us.

And the angels smiled.


About this poem.

I was at a gathering of incredible, loving and creative people this weekend.  I witnessed many beautiful things but nothing quite as extraordinary as a meeting of two beautiful women who had both suffered soul-crushing loses.  That moment made a profound impression on me and the pure love that passed between them, radiated out and touched my own heart in a most unforgetable way.  Thank you Pamela and Syl for allowing me to witness this extraordinary connection.

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3 Responses to And The Angels Smiled

  1. sagemtnmom says:

    Reblogged this on Trail Mix and commented:
    I have much to share about an amazing weekend I spent with my creative friends. Here from the blog of writer Mary Ann Monteverde Hines is a moment painted with words both powerful and precise. Truly there is hope for healing of even the deepest pain when we come together with open hearts.

  2. jae says:

    so beautifully written. words of such despair turned into inspiration. quite the talent.


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