Grandmother Visits

I dreamt last night of Grandmother. Not the Grandmother I grew up with. But my Grandmother nonetheless. She was a joyous woman with a radiant, laughing face. She didn’t appear to be much older than me, at least not in her physical form. She held me on her lap and embraced me. I felt the comfort and security of a child even though I was as I am now. I woke up feeling very peaceful.

Later in the morning, my husband and I went out to plant some fall plants in the front of the house. I had the irresistible desire to touch my Grandmother Tree. You can read about her here.  I walked down the lawn to where she stands and put my hands on her beautiful bark. I could smell the lovely woodsy smell of her. The palms of my hands felt her roughness and then almost a buzzing as I sensed the spirit energy within her.

I looked up and saw her thick, strong arms reaching for the sky. I walked slowly around her and she showed me many, wonderful gifts.

image image image image image image image image image

I pressed my face against her and thanked her for visiting me in my dreams.

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