On Saturday I had a double massage session.  Two hours of sheer bliss.  My body must have know subconsiously that I would be needing extra strenght and stamina in the days to come.

As I lay on the table, I could feel myself floating away.  And I had a vision.  I was standing in front of my tree and I asked her “What do I call you?”

She answered, “I am Grandmother.”

I was filled with a sense of love and protection.   And I knew she had stood there for many years.  Through storms and frigid winters and hot summers and violent winds.  She saw everything and blessed everything.  I knew she was a strong spirit and that I was part of what she blessed.

Then a white wolf stepped out of the trees and said “I am here for you too.  Be brave.”

Visions are a new thing for me.  I believe I have always had them but refused to see them for what they were.  I know, you’re thinking “She’s gone ’round the bend. Visions. Really?”  Why not?  Every holy book there is speaks of visions.  If we accept it in religious literature, why not in life?  The modern world has cocooned itself from the mystical.  We are all about man-made and technology, science and reason.  We have cut ourselves off from the natural world; the world where there are many conduits to the spiritual. We have chosen to ignore what can’t be seen or touched or explained by science.  Yet there are many things today that we accept as true that the science of it’s time denied.

But Grandmother is too strong to be ignored.  Thank you Grandmother.  I honor you and am grateful for your blessing.



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