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An American Thanksgiving

I grew up with the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.  We had at least twenty people, two turkeys, three kinds of potatoes and more pies and desserts than you could count.  Now it’s just my husband and me, our two dogs and a … Continue reading

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Autumn Games

A bleak November day moody and dark like a black and white horror film. No birdsong, no sparkling sunlight. The landscape drained of all but the drabbest color. Everything we see and sense tells us outside is cold and damp … Continue reading

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In The Time of Samhain

In the time of Samhain I hear the earth spirits. They whisper to me in the rustle of fallen leaves and remind me that all is change and death brings life. In the time of Samhain I meet my Grandmother … Continue reading

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Grandmother Visits

I dreamt last night of Grandmother. Not the Grandmother I grew up with. But my Grandmother nonetheless. She was a joyous woman with a radiant, laughing face. She didn’t appear to be much older than me, at least not in … Continue reading

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And The Angels Smiled

In a crowd, you stood alone amid a swirling cloud of loss and emptiness. I saw in your eyes the same weary sadness that haunts my sleepless nights. Your shoulders pressed down under the weight of endless grief. My heart … Continue reading

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I Still Do

Eight years ago today, I stood before family and friends and declared my intention to share the rest of my life with my best friend. It was a long journey to that day, fifty-three years if you start with birth, … Continue reading

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Shedding Old Skin

On Saturday, when we came back from dropping the dogs off at grooming, I noticed what I thought was biggest earth worm I had ever seen. When I looked a little closer, I saw that it was a ribbon snake. … Continue reading

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For A Smart Girl…….

When I was growing up, my mother would often say to me “For a smart girl, you sure say (do, think) some awfully stupid things. It sounds mean, but she was right. Sometimes it’s like my big brain takes a … Continue reading

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On Becomming

Today I turn 61.  I never thought I be this old.  I can remember thinking “Wow, at the turn of the century, I’ll be almost 50!”  It seemed so far in the future.  Now I’m looking at it in the … Continue reading

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Allegory For My Life

About a year ago, I was lucky enough to acquire a painting from a wonderful painter named Joe Hawthorn. Joe gave the painting away free to anyone from our creative group who wanted it for the cost of shipping. I … Continue reading

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