Allegory For My Life

About a year ago, I was lucky enough to acquire a painting from a wonderful painter named Joe Hawthorn. Joe gave the painting away free to anyone from our creative group who wanted it for the cost of shipping. I jumped at it. I felt the painting was meant to be mine. But I couldn’t say why.
After a year of looking at it everyday, I’ve come to see why it spoke to me. It is an allegory for my life. In no particular order, I will explain what I see when I look at it.

Pink – A good portion of the painting is a bright, purplish pink. I realized that whenever I meditate on the light within me (or aura as some call it), I see a light that is this color.

Apple – There is a large, juicy red apple in the center. It has a few, small bites out of it. This is my life; rich and full but there is so much more I have yet to taste.

Golden Bird – There is a Golden Bird on a branch ready to take flight. But she has only one fully developed wing visible. There is a piece of me that is still hidden, not prepared to take that leap yet. But I am so close.

Brick wall – There is a partial brick wall. But bricks are missing. I am knocking it down.

Golden Dog – I have always felt safe with a dog. The dog is looking at my heart. He is telling me my heart is safe.

Golden Heart – The Golden heart in the apple is only partially full. I have a way to go before my heart is completely open.

Green – The color surrounding the apple and the heart is a bright green. This is the color of the heart chakra. This is the chakra I need to open.

Rays – There are rays shining down on everything in the painting. But they do not come from the sun. They come from a silver, blue orb, the moon. The moon represents the feminine. It represents intuition and the knowing without knowing. That moon is in a dark hole; a spot deep within me.

Lines – There are lines that cross the rays, breaking them up. I do not yet trust my inner voice completely. When I do, those rays will shine fully on me.

So that is my allegory. Some will look at the painting and read this and think it is all blather. Perhaps. But for me it is a sign post on the way to myself.


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