Wine and Cheese Party

Tough day today. Spent the first two hours at TSA enrolling in their Known Travler Program. I will be able to keep my shoes on at the airport. Pretty big deal when you think about how nasty those floors must be with all the bare, sweaty feet on them.

Anyone who has ever spent any time in a government office knows how depressing they can be. I feel for the employees. It’s like they find the cheapest, most depressing rats’ nest they can find, slap a coat of dirt colored paint on it, insall a broken A/C unit, mount a few fans from the fifties and voila!, the NYC offices of the TSA.

There must have been 50 people crammed into a space comfortable for 25 and they were working short-handed; one person called out and one person was told to report to another location.  I have to say,  the employees were working their butts off and kept a sense of humor about the whole thing.  Still, not the way I want to start the day.

Work was work.

Train home was delayed and packed.  When I got home, I stopped as usual at the bottom of the driveway to get the mail out of the mailbox.  I sat in the car with it on my lap and took a quick look through what came.  I felt something on my legs and picked up the pile and my legs and lap were full of ants!  EEEEEEKKKKKKK!  I threw the mail on the passenger side floor and beat the hell out of my own lap.  Then I looked in the mailbox – like the freaking Amityville Horror!  I slammed it shut and sped up the driveway.  I went in the house and found the only thing we had OFF Deep Woods.  I went back out tho the car, threw the mail on the ground and SPRAYED it.  Then I sprayed the floor of the car.  Then I marched down the driveway and tear gassed the mailbox.  Sorry if that offends any of you Buddhists out there but we’re talking a plague of ants for Chrissake!  They used them for torture you know.

So I decided I deserved my very own Wine & Cheese party.  I cut up some fresh mozzarella (imported from New Jersey, Newark no less) that I was saving for the weekend, drizzled EVO on it, cracked black pepper and shredded basil leaves.  Then I put on the outdoor speakers (Today’s Country), turned on the waterfall, lit a citronella candle and opened a bottle of white wine.

The dogs are playing bitey face and I am chillin’ out.  Salute!


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