Clever Boy

Yesterday, I had a hair appointment.  The salon I go to only takes cash or checks and when I settled up, I used the last check in my checkbook.  As soon as I got home I went to get a new checkbook before I would forget.  We have a linen closet in the downstairs bathroom that we use as a place to store paperwork, paid bills, bank statements, etc..  That’s where we keep the box of blank checks.  I’m in there pretty much every week.  So when I opened the folding doors, I was suprised to see a photo lying on the shelf that I don’t remember seeing before.  It was of my boy Gilligan.  He’s been on my mind a lot lately because I knew we were somewhere near the one year anniversary of putting him down.

Now I’m terrible with dates.  I have to repeat a little rhyme to remember my own wedding anniversary.  I can remember months and seasons that things have happened, but not dates.  So today, I searched my blog to find the post I wrote when we put him down.  Yesterday was one year to the day.

Thank you my sweet Gilligan.  Clever boy.


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