Snow Day

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a snow day.  Oh, I know, kids think they have ownership of the joy of a good old snow day.  Not true.  Adults do the happy dance too.  At least this adult does.

Although the Big Blizzard of ’15 didn’t hit my corner of Connecticut as hard as expected, it counts as a pretty good January storm.  I woke up to this – and it’s still snowing.


Knowing the snow was coming. I was able to plan in advance to work from home today.  And in a little while, I will log on and start working.  But right now, I am just enjoying the change in routine.

So how does this adult celebrate a snow day?

First – sleep late.  I got to stay in bed 2 extra hours.  And the dogs were good and just waited for me to stir.  It was so delicious to just lay there knowing I didn’t have to jump into the shower, rush to get ready and head out on my 2 1/2 hour commute.  Woohoo!

Second – I get to hang out in my sweats.  I love my sweats and fuzzy clogs.  No make-up; hair still messed up from sleep.  I look like hell.  Who cares.  Nobody is looking at me but the dogs.  I’ll take a shower and tidy myself up later on.  But right now, well let’s just say I won’t be taking any selfies.

Third – I ate cold, left-over Chinese for breakfast.  Because I could.  Because I like cold, left-over Chinese.  Because I makes me feel like a college kid again.  Now I’ll make coffee and take my vitamins.

Fourth – I can play with the dogs as much as I want.


Fifth – I can just sit and watch the birds at the feeders.  We filled them up before the storm and they are almost empty already.  When it stops later, I will venture out and refill them.  That counts as playing in the snow for me.  I used to have to clear a path for Ginger and Gilligan to go out.  But Daisy and Maggie are much bigger and love the snow so I have officially hung up my shovel.  A few times in and out and they will have cleared their own path.


Sixth – I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT!  I can do some laundry or not.  I can have a glass of wine with lunch or I can skip lunch all together.  I can take a nap.  I can work for a few hours then stop to watch “Ellen”.  I can try to work on a old knitting project.   I can read.  I can rearrange my closet.  The pure freedom is exhilarating.  No snow forts, no sledding but fun, fun, fun nonetheless.

I love the feeling of being warm and snuggly in my house while the snow piles up outside.  The thermometer on my porch reads 18 degrees and the wind is blowing the chimes like crazy.  I think I’ll light some candles, take out my chawan (tea bowl) and make some matcha tea.  Then I will settle with the dogs and just be.

What a great snow day!


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