The Visit

You barked in my heart this morning.

I wasn’t expecting it.

I was driving to the train,

watching the truck in front of me,

keeping a safe distance.

And suddenly, there were your eyes looking up at me.

Tears blurred my vision

and I was slammed back into that last day.

Holding you like a baby,

wrapped in a pee-soaked towel,

waiting for the vet.

I remember how you looked up at me

as I whispered to you of my love.

I think you knew before I did what was happening.

Maybe not the exact events,

but that you were leaving me.

I cried for days afterward.

I prayed that you would visit,

let me know you were still with me.

And I thought I heard your bark once or twice.

Then, nothing.

But I forgot you are The Trickster.

My angel dog with the bent halo.

The one with the wicked sense of humor,

so smart and full of  surprises.

And now you are laughing

that silent doggie laugh.

Smiling and wagging your tail.

You got me.



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