White Legs

This weekend is the Summer Solstice, the official beginning of Summer.  As far as I am concerned, Monday was the real official beginning of Summer.  At least in Manhattan.  It was the first day of the White Legs.  And this year, it was a real bumper crop.  Usually in May, you begin to see the first few pairs appear.  But most people hold out, hoping to get “a little color first”.  Then you get that first sunny, 80 degree day and all bets are off.  So right now, in NYC, a city of ethnic and racial diversity beyond compare, everywhere you look are glowing White Legs.  Yes, ther are many other lovely shades, but the white ones just jump out at you.

In a week or two, the pale, winter skin will begin to darken and all the legs will take on that healthy, Summer glow.  And the New York streets will no longer look like a forest of birch trees.



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