In My Day…

I left work early today. Before leaving, my boss asked me to update a spreadsheet with some changes he wanted. I zipped through it and sent it off to him in an email. When I got on the train, it suddenly occurred to me that there were some formulas that I didn’t correct. I opened my IPad and sent him a message. I said that as soon as I got home, I would dial-in and correct it.

Dial-in. DIAL-IN. Did I just write that? Really?  No one has dialed-in to anything since Miami Vice.  Maybe I should fire up my Radio Shack Commadore and create a word processing document that explains all the progress in the past thirty years?  Then I can photostat, or better yet, mimeograph it to hand out to people.

I think I have finally come to the point in my life where my brain cannot hold anything more.  It has begun to squish out the overflow and go back to stuff buried deep in the vault.  Eventually I will be like my 90 year old Aunt who calls everything, from an electric can opener to a Mac Powerbook, a machine.  It’s just easier than trying to keep up with it all.

And I do try to keep up.  WTF – I stay current. (See, I said WTF!)  I work in Manhattan.  I’m exposed to all the latest trends and technology.  I have an IPad and a smart phone.  I know how to download music and apps from ITunes.  I can tweet and post.  I DVR and Skype.  I have Wi-Fi at home.  But I swear, if I have to absorb anything else new, my head will explode.

So if anyone has a solution to this information overload, please give me a call.  If I’m not there, just leave a message on my answering machine.  But wait for the beep.


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