The Puppy Chronicles

This has been a tough holiday season, lots of sadness and troubles all around. But last Monday, we brought some sunshine into the gloom. We brought home our new little love – Daisy Mae.

20131231-180919.jpg She’s just too bloody cute.

Maggie and Gilligan seem to have accepted her. Gilligan reacted like the old bugger he is; we bring a beautiful, young blond into the house and he sniffs her and goes and has a nice, little nap. Maggie, on the other hand, has decided Daisy is facinating. We were a bit worried that Maggie would be too rough (she is rather a thug) but she’s really very good with Daisy. And although Maggie is seven times Daisy’s size, Daisy has absolutely no fear of her. They are best buds already.

Daisy has stolen our hearts, but seriously, a puppy?  What were we thinking!  We haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a week.  Those piteous, baby howls are heartbreaking and comical at the same time.  Housebreaking? Not so good.  We’ve gone through a half dozen rolls of paper towels and probably a gallon of Nature’s Miracle.  And for such a tiny thing, she has poop that smells like toxic waste; let’s not even discuss the farting issue.  Teeth – like a little, freaking piranha.  The house looks like a crack house.  Stuff everywhere.  Chaos. I can’t get a damn thing done. It’s all about puppy, puppy, puppy!



But in a year, when she’s a young lady, I’ll miss her puppy days. And in two years, when she’s all grown up, I’ll have forgotten all the hell we’re going through now, and long for a new little life to cherish.


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