A Change Of Luck?

Awhile back, we did a DNA test on Maggie. The results came back that she was:

a. Primarily Akita (obvious from her general appearance).
b. Part Chow (notably her fur, tail and black spots in her mouth).
c. Part Lab (she does have webs between her toes).

However, today she showed her true Lab colors. Maggie has a habit of picking up rather large rocks and bringing them into the house. I always take them away from her so she doesn’t break a tooth or swallow the rock. This morning, the “rock” she brought into the house turned out to be a big piece of frozen poop. Fortunately, I noticed it before it had a chance to defrost.

Maybe my luck is changing.

Miss Innocence (The "rock" is hiding beneath her)

Miss Innocence
(The “rock” is hiding beneath her)

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