The Art of Gratefulness – Day 2

Today is another easy day. First of all, it’s Saturday. Who is not grateful for the weekend? But today had lots of extras.

1. I slept through the night. As I’ve gotten older, getting a full night’s sleep is an unusual occurance.
2. I had a massage and facial this morning. I’m a strong believer in regular massage. I do it for the health benefits. But a facial is an indulgence. I think it is more of a vanity thing. But today it made me feel pretty.
3. It was a beautiful day in Connecticut. My husband and I worked outside clearing the leaves and there was no wind. Woo hoo! Until you have tried to rake/blow leaves on a windy day, you have no idea what a blessing a calm, clear leaf raking day is.
4. We are going out to dinner tonight to a wonderful restaurant that we have been trying find time to get to for a year.
5. We get an extra hour’s sleep tonight.
6. I stopped at Stew Leonard’s this morning. For non-Nutmegers, Stew’s is a very popular, local market with lots of local products. And this is what I saw in the parking lot.

It’s called Burning Bush. Isn’t it beautiful?

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